« Children reinvent your the world for you »

A company's performance is not shown by the profit it has generated in the past, but by its ability to create results in the future. Reorganizing and refocusing are not goals in themselves, they are simply checkpoints which need to be passed through to go on the offensive.
What we have in our sights is competitiveness. We strive to provide our customers and partners with performance, while respecting regulatory and environmental requirements.

Our 10 values

  • Desire
  • Willpower
  • The organization
  • Requirement
  • Responsiveness
  • Decision making
  • Respect
  • Listening
  • Trust
  • Time

Our 3 strategic lines

and technical development


Excellence of the team
and its services


Quality has become a complex characteristic which relates not just to products and processes, but to organisations from top to bottom. It must satisfy everyone who wants to guarantee long-term prosperity for the organisation in question.


We believe Nature respects humanity as much as we respect it and it will harm us the same way we are harming it. Earth is magnificent but perishable. May we all remember it.