Passion for excellence

Combining our know-how for one goal:

customer satisfaction

The company’s performance is not based on its historical profit, but on its ability to create future results. Reorganising and refocusing are
not final objectives; they are compulsory transit points to move forwards. Our aim is competitiveness. It is to bring performance to our customers and partners, in compliance with regulatory and environmental obligations

Investments, training courses and innovations are not concepts; they are all part of our strategy. They are the reflection of our constant motivation to optimise our production tool, to improve our skills, our security, the prevention of pollution as well as the awareness of environmental impacts.

Quality has become a complex characteristic which concerns products, processes and organisations as a whole. It has to satisfy all those who want the organisation in question to be prosperous in the long-term.

Our values

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.»


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.»



A strong belief: everything starts and
ends with the individual. »

Your projects

our expertise from the project through to manufacturing:

  • A single and qualified contact person to advise
    and accompany your project
  • Understanding and consideration of your needs
  • Development of innovative and effective solutions by our engineering departments
  • Prototyping and industrialisation with integrated manufacturing and, if necessary, special automated machines
  • Manufacturing of parts, from units to large series
  • Dedicated production sites adjusted to deal with every
    constraint, integrating effective industrial tools

Our know how  /   PERFORATED PLATES

We perforate, cut and transform the following materials: galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.

  • From standard to extreme perforation
  • From thin to thicker perforated plates


Finishing and assembling

Our ultra-modern finishing resources allow us to provide a variety of solutions, from the most common to the most complex (folding, rolling, bending, ribbing, punching, embossing, notching, welding…).

Founded in 1894, GANTOIS INDUSTRIES is a benchmark in the
industry of woven and perforated metal.

Our know how  /   WOVEN MESHES

Choice of material, wire diameter, nominal opening and weaving methods. With over 50 weaving looms we have the largest metal wire weaving capacity in France

  • All materials drawn
  • Woven mesh, welded wire cloth, dutch weave, Armedia®

Finishing and assembling
Our large range of metallic wire mesh associated with our processing methods open up to extremely varied applications (electromagnetic shielding (EMC), filtration, reinforcement…)..


2 products lines:

  • Last french manufacturer of metallic wools and fibers.
  • Production of steel knitted wires and synthetic with complete control of the whole process.

Finishing and assembling
Our large range of fibers and knitted wires steel associated with our processing methods open up to extremely varied applications (soundproofing and heat protection, electromagnetic shielding (EMC)and heat spreader, concrete reinforcement, Filtration and separation of liquids gas, anti-vibration). Potential for creating and producing special parts for high technologies (energy, automotive industry…)

Founded in 1959, GERVOIS specialises in the production of steel wool, metal fibres, knitted wires and by-products


A large choice of metallic media:

  • Woven meshes
  • Perforated plate
  • Knitted wire meshes
  • Expanded micro-metal

An infinite number of possibilities with assembling
and moulding

Founded in 1919, on the strength of over 90 years’ experience and boasting three production sites, GUERIN FRANCE is a european leader in the field of metal filter elements

Founded in 2006, GUERIN ROMANIA has become a highly competitive production unit in the space of 10 years. On a modern site dedicated to our partners, with production methods and resources highly similar to GUERIN FRANCE, it makes the most of its geographic situation at
the heart
of Central and Eastern Europe.


Our skills, combined with our technical resources, allow us to work with all types of metals and industrial plastics.

  • Manufacture of prototype parts
  • 3D machining
  • Machining of unit parts, small and medium series.

Our team pays special attention to the fitting and the adjustment of your products for your entire satisfaction.

Since 1980, TECMETO has built up a solid reputation in the field of
precision machining and assembly. Equipped with latest-generation
machines, our experience and know-how is at your service.


From a passion for metal comes a passion for beauty… Design by Gantois Metal is a noble material which provides sturdiness, aesthetics and long wear. Infinitely recyclable, it has many lives. Our different production, machining and finishing technologies correspond to your creativity. Metal, in every form, is a source of inspiration. Whether it is flat, 3D, a sheet or a wire, it will accompany you throughout your architectural project. GANTOIS ARCHITECTURE has always innovated in metal solutions to serve your imagination: façades, railings, suspended ceilings, staircases, etc.

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